What We Do at Surface Protection

Surface protection is one of the world leaders for nano technology in the UK. Our focus is to provide you with reviews and with a cost-effective solution. With Surface Protection you can rest assured that we have done the research for you and your industry.

 "It's not just an invisible barrier, but a really tough guard against debris build up on the surface" 

We have reviewed and can recommend a tough protective surface system to cover several industries including the Aviation sector, Transport, Renewables and Marine Craft

In all cases we found improved results in reduces fuel consumption on all transport and thereby reducing the carbon footprint. Additionally annual cleaning and maintenance costs seemed to improve dramatically.

Aviation Sector
We reccomend Airglide for its unique system for aircraft, and to date have undertaken many applications. This unique product has been added to various industry sectors, with on going success. Take a look at the facts here

One testimonial says "Airglide as an aviaition protection – It’s not a treatment. It’s a transformation”

Transport Sector
Using ‘nano’ technology we have discovered a surface  protectant that is Silicon and Teflon free. If you are looking for protection against corrosion and a way to prolong your painted finish, then we have found the perfect product.

Extremely tough, durable and longer lasting than any other treatment, coating, wax or polish, Airglide products can increase paint/ coating life by up to 50% and retain your asset value.

One customer said "It restores the lustre", Firstly may I say what an amazing result Airglide has produced, to say I was impressed is an understatement. I thoroughly recommend Airglide to anybody, the result from the car being away for a matter of a few hours is, well, time for the cliche, it’s like having a new paint job. The colour the Airglide product managed, was superb."

If you want your vehicle in showroom condition then take a look at the benefits from this Transport page PDF

Simply put "Increased production through reduction" For a tough guard for windblades and eliminating the need to clean blades. It also reduces noise levels and adds only ounces to the overall weight and prevents ice build up.

Marine Craft Sector
When surface friction is reduced, you can save fuel in powered craft or increase the speed of sailing craft.

We found it reduces annual cleaning and maintenance costs and could be used to protects wood furnishings and chrome fittings against the effects of salt spray.

Surface protection explained